Dana Incorporated, An Industrial and Automotive Leader Accelerates Digital Commerce Powered by PhaseZero


Dana had a vision to transform its aftermarket business into a digital, customer-centric enterprise. By collaborating closely with PhaseZero, we were able to accelerate our digital journey and transform our global aftermarket e-commerce and customer experience initiative, Danaaftermarket.com.


– Mark Wallace
Executive Vice President and President, Commercial Driveline Technologies and Aftermarket


We’re Customer Obsessed

Digital Commerce

built for Industrial and Automotive companies


PhaseZero CxCommerce
a Global B2B and B2C e-commerce solution

Our cloud 2.0 e-commerce solution delivers comprehensive customer experience capabilities to drive your business growth and inspire brand loyalty
Integrates with your legacy IT systems and provides a modern user experience for your global parts and services business
Designed with a consumer-like user interface, configurable branding and market focused experience to differentiate your business and deliver a comprehensive customer lifecycle

Digital Business Execution

partner for Industrial and Automotive companies.

With Silicon Valley DNA and decades of experience in enterprise software business, PhaseZero helps accelerate the development of Digital Businesses. Transforming Data and Digital technology to SaaS product businesses with Annual Recurring Revenue.

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how to compete in the digital age

Trusted by world-class enterprises, PhaseZero offers end-to-end solutions to help you achieve your digital business by delivering new subscription-based annual recurring revenues, improving margins on existing revenue channels and enabling ease of doing business for both B2B and B2C customers.

Comprehensive Package for

Digital Success

PhaseZero accelerates your digital business with Cloud 2.0 technologies powered by Silicon Valley DNA.
digital strategy

Identify digital business opportunities and create execution strategies to capitalize on them.
Draw a roadmap to lead your business to growth and profitability.

design & build

Design and build enterprise-grade SaaS software solutions, and cloud infrastructure to launch your digital business.
Test and validate digital business concepts using a cost-effective, iterative approach to achieve your time to market goals.

operate & optimize

Grow your digital business with comprehensive sales, marketing and digital engineering services. continuously improve processes to transform customer and user experiences.

Customer Success

Transforming E-Commerce

Improving Customer Experience through Connectivity


Transforming Sensor based data into a digital business

Enabling Best Practices for Tire Lifecycle Management


Accelerate your digital business journey

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