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Transforming E-Commerce

Improving Customer Experience through Connectivity
Dana Incorporated is a premier supplier of high-quality service parts for commercial vehicles with technical, manufacturing, and distribution resources located on six continents to serve their customers globally.


Many traditional heavy-duty commercial vehicle companies are experiencing a shift in their workforce, leaving an expertise gap between retirees and new employees that value efficiency and ease in serving their customers. Similarly, there is a growing change in customer loyalty and customer service. Brands that stand behind the quality of their products must now also transition to standing behind the purchasing experiences they offer, with ease, reliability, and convenience at the forefront.

Results transforms complex and fragmented legacy systems with a global platform built for operational excellence. Built using PhaseZero’s state-of-the-art CxCommerce solution, delivers convenience, visibility, and efficiency, making buying complex parts easier than ever with advanced search features and predictable order timelines. Image searching, concise part descriptions, and location targeting enable Dana’s customers to shop and do business more confidently, adapting Dana’s legacy of exceptional quality for the digital age.

An old manufacturer takes a new look at e‑commerce




Dana to Expand Aftermarket e-Commerce Platform for Customers in EMEA Region




Dana Introduces New Aftermarket E-commerce Site




Transforming Sensor-Based Data into a Digital Business

Turning Data into Recurring Revenue.

Find out how PhaseZero-powered Rhombus™ TireAnalytics is using big data to shape the trucking industry and drive better decision-making every day.

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