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Unleash the
Power of Data

PhaseZero transforms your data into a digital business with the power to capture new markets, outcompete the competition, and unlock new revenue streams – faster than ever before.
We leverage data science, machine learning, AI, and cloud technologies to help global 1000 companies create innovative, enterprise SaaS products and services designed to generate subscription revenue.

The Challenge Ahead

The digital age poses unique challenges that leading industrial manufacturers
must face head on if they want to stay competitive.

Digital Competency


Decades-old legacy IT systems are not ready to meet the fast-changing needs of today’s digital businesses.
Industry leaders know that digital transformation is mission critical, but they don’t have the expertise they need to achieve success.

Data Translation


Smart sensors are being implemented throughout the industrial and manufacturing sectors.
But sensors are costly, and the huge amount of data collected is often underutilized.
New data-driven technologies can help companies serve their customers in uniquely digital ways, but many lack the strategic know-how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Emerging Workforce


While bulky product catalogs and manual processes served older generations, companies that fail to adapt to the new digital world will struggle to retain a tech-savvy, millennial workforce.

Real-Time Demand


E-commerce giants and new on-demand services have redefined the digital customer experience.
To build brand loyalty in today’s market, customers are looking beyond exceptional products.
They expect convenient, efficient, real-time customer experiences that many companies are currently unable to deliver.

You need a proven digital partner to help guide you on your business transformation journey. PhaseZero can lead the way.

Harnessing Digital Disruption


Evolving Strengths

Many of the world’s most successful manufacturers have lasted for more than a century based on the strength of their products. To last another century, they must harness digital or face growing threats to growth and profit.


Becoming Digital

Becoming Digital means rethinking everything about your business. It means moving beyond legacy technologies, processes, and culture. It means unleashing the power of data, mobile, IoT, and more to transform the way you compete.


Harnessing Cloud

Cloud provides the foundation for building, scaling, and continuously innovating your digital business.
PhaseZero brings our Silicon Valley DNA and core digital know-how to help global 1000 companies thrive in the digital age. We provide cloud-based technology solutions to perfect customer experience, drive growth, and turn your data into a competitive edge.

Making It Happen

From idea to execution, PhaseZero leverages an iterative, agile development
process to achieve the business outcomes that matter to you.


Our Advantage

PhaseZero brings together Silicon Valley expertise and cutting-edge technology to offer end-to-end, SaaS business solutions with a proven track record of success.


Digital Transformation

Validation market and opportunities to refine business strategy for peak performance


Engineering technology platform and building enterprise SaaS


Creating roadmap to navigate market, solution, product management and release


Following Silicon Valley agility model to continuously improve digital business growth

Business Strategy
& Product Management

PhaseZero helps turn your sensor-collected data into economic value through revenue-generating subscription service packages. We develop complete product offerings and package features targeting specific user needs to maximize your business growth.


EMACS Platform

One Platform to Help You Reach All Your Business Goals

Our comprehensive cloud-based EMACS platform empowers your business to grow and succeed in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Here’s what EMACS delivers.



Global solutions built for the world’s largest companies



User-friendly interfaces offering data collection from anywhere



Prescriptive and predictive data reporting to drive better decision-making



Ubiquitous high-bandwidth connectivity for secure data retrieval anytime, anywhere



Enterprise-grade software delivering security and scalability


Product Engineering
& Solutions Development

At PhaseZero, we not only devise your business strategy, we execute it. We adopt the “crawl-walk-run” methodology, setting incremental releases for new product features to meet customer needs and improve your market reach.

& Operations

Our global cloud and mobile industrial analytics platform helps you leverage data to transform the way you manage and operate your digital business. We provide turnkey solutions for optimizing your business processes and integrating sensor-based monitoring, giving you actionable insights to drive continuous business improvement.


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